The Disease of Thinking we are Immortal, Indispensable

The first Disease of Leadership is:

The disease of thinking we are immortal, immune, or downright indispensable.

A leadership team which think is immortal, immune, or downright indispensable, is therefore neglecting the need for regular check-ups.

A leadership team which is not self-critical, which does not keep up with things, which does not seek to be more fit, is a sick body. A simple visit to the cemetery might help us see the names of many people who thought they were immortal, immune, and indispensable!

This is the disease of those who turn into lords and masters, who think of themselves as above others and not at their service. It is the pathology of power and comes from a superiority complex, from a narcissism which passionately gazes at its own image and does not see the face of others, especially the weakest and those most in need.

The antidote to this plague is humility; to say heartily, “I am merely a servant. I have only done what was my duty.”

Be clear on how your own strengths create your weaknesses. This is especially important if you want to be a leader. The best leaders show humility. They’re the first to say they’re far from perfect. They have a keen understanding of their top professional personas, and are fully aware they can’t do it all.

Summing-up: Do you feel superior to those who work for you? If this is the case, then you are suffering from this first disease of leadership.

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