The Disease of Excessive Busyness

The second Disease of Leadership is:

The disease of excessive busyness.

This is found in those who immerse themselves in work and inevitably neglect to “rest a while.” Neglecting needed rest leads to stress and agitation.

A time of rest, for those who have completed their work, is necessary, obligatory and should be taken seriously: by spending time with one’s family and respecting holidays as moments for recharging.

Look at how busy corporate leaders all think they are. They imagine that their importance creates indispensability: they are needed everywhere because of their superior wisdom; and that only they can do what they do. Pure delusion. You are as busy as you allow yourself to be. Being too busy is in fact a dysfunction: it reveals your inability to allow others to grow and develop, and your obsession with being personally at the heart of everything.

The truth is that busyness is a mark of “cognitive overload.” This state of feeling overwhelmed impairs our ability to think creatively, to plan, organize, innovate, solve problems, make decisions, resist temptations, learn new things easily, speak fluently, remember important social information, and control our emotions. In other words, it impairs basically everything we need to do in a given day.

If you’re feeling swamped, it’s time to create more balance in your life. Along with challenges and adventure, make room for mundane tasks and quiet reflection. You’ll soon find that less activity can be more fulfilling.

Summing-up: Do you demonstrate an imbalance between work and other areas of life? If this is the case, then you are suffering from this disease of leadership.

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