The “Leadership Alzheimer’s Disease”

The sixth Disease of Leadership is:

The “leadership Alzheimer’s disease.”

It consists in losing the memory of those who nurtured, mentored and supported us in our own journeys.

We see this in those who have lost the memory of their encounters with the great leaders who inspired them; in those who are completely caught up in the present moment, in their passions, whims and obsessions; in those who build walls and routines around themselves, and thus become more and more the slaves of idols carved by their own hands.

No man achieved anything of importance in life without the aid of other men. Whether the accomplishment is mundane but profound like maturing as a man or as weighty and specific as, say, becoming a jurist on the Supreme Court, every man is helped along the way by other men.

What men often forget is to remember, recognize and edify those who have given to them. Lost among the shuffle of growing up, career accomplishments, and even becoming a mentor themselves, men forget to credit their own mentors. It is a terrible mistake and a grave disservice to those who have so helped a man. A man should beware the ungrateful and be wary of becoming ungrateful himself.

Summing-up: Do you fail to regularly acknowledge the debt you owe to your mentors and to others? If this is the case, then you are maybe suffering from this disease of leadership.

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