The Disease of Rivalry and Vainglory

The seventh Disease of Leadership is:

The disease of rivalry and vainglory.

Rivalry; the need to be seen; vainglory. We see that there are two worms that eat the fabric of any company, weakening her. Rivalry and vainglory go against this harmony, this agreement.

Do not take the road of seeking repayment. ‘Look, I have done this for you, but you have to do this for me’. When there is harmony, there is unity, no one seeks his or her own interests, and there is an attitude of gratitude. I do good; I don’t strike a deal with good.

When appearances, our perks, and our titles of honour become the primary object in life, we forget our fundamental duty as leaders—to “do nothing from selfishness or conceit but in humility count others better than ourselves.”

As leaders, we must look not only to our own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Summing-up: Do you take too much satisfaction in your perks and privileges? If this is the case, then you are maybe suffering from this disease of leadership.

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