The Disease of Gossiping, Grumbling, and Back-biting

The ninth Disease of Leadership is:

The disease of gossiping, grumbling, and back-biting.

Gossip is defined as “Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.” So not all gossip is bad. The problem is that most gossip consists of unflattering rumors. Unflattering and unsubstantiated rumors are the gossip that will kill your culture.

This is a grave illness which begins simply, perhaps even in small talk, and takes over a person, making him become a “sower of weeds” and in many cases, a cold-blooded killer of the good name of colleagues.

It is the disease of cowardly persons who lack the courage to speak out directly, but instead speak behind other people’s backs.

Gossip can be very destructive. Allowed to run unchecked, it will hurt your culture, waste resources and damage leadership credibility. With some careful resistance to gossipers and support of leadership, you can reinforce a more positive culture.

Allowing gossip in the workplace is like encouraging your employees to swim with sharks. Real leaders don’t participate in gossip, and likewise they don’t tolerate gossip from others. Gossip destroys trust, assails credibility, and is one of the greatest adversaries of a healthy corporate culture.  The emotional distress and political discord associated with gossip undermines workplace performance, and can be nothing short of disastrous.

Let us be on our guard against the terrorism of gossip!

Summing-up: Do you denigrate the motives and accomplishments of others? If this is the case, then you are maybe suffering from this disease of leadership.

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