The Disease of a Downcast Face

The twelfth Disease of Leadership is:

The disease of a downcast face.

You see this disease in those glum and dour persons who think that to be serious you have to put on a face of melancholy and severity, and treat others —especially those we consider our inferiors— with rigor, brusqueness and arrogance.

In fact, a show of severity and sterile pessimism are frequently symptoms of fear and insecurity. A leader must make an effort to be courteous, serene, enthusiastic and joyful, a person who transmits joy everywhere he goes. Optimism and a smile trump cynicism and a frown every time.

A happy heart radiates an infectious joy: it is immediately evident! So a leader should never lose that joyful, humorous and even self-deprecating spirit which makes people amiable even in difficult situations. How beneficial is a good dose of humor! …

Summing-up: Do you fail to cultivate a fun and joy-filled work environment? If this is the case, then you are maybe suffering from this disease of leadership.

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