The Disease of Hoarding

The thirteenth Disease of Leadership is:

The disease of hoarding.

This occurs when a leader tries to fill an existential void in his or her heart by accumulating material goods, not out of need but only in order to feel secure.

The fact is that we are not able to bring material goods with us when we leave this life, since “the winding sheet does not have pockets” and all our treasures will never be able to fill that void; instead, they will only make it deeper and more demanding.

The problem with the greedy is that they are never satisfied, sometimes at the detriment of an organisation’s goals. Accumulating goods only burdens and inexorably slows down the journey!

Summing-up: Do you exhibit selfishness when it comes to sharing rewards and praise? If this is the case, then you are maybe suffering from this disease of leadership.

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