Exercising the Means to Do It

Ultimately, personal accountability means accepting full responsibility to achieve results and Do It. If you don’t Do It, you’ll never reap the most valuable benefit of full accountability: overcoming your circumstances and achieving the results you want.

Do It means that you will follow-through with the plan, implement the strategies, and execute the ideas. By stopping at any step short of Do It, you will never fully achieve a permanent position Above The Line. Any effort that falls short of making it happen and getting it done simply indicates a lack of full acceptance of accountability.

Accountability is a process, and requires diligence, perseverance and vigilance. It also requires a willingness to accept risk and to take the giant step that’s often necessary to get what you want out of your life or your organization. Fear of failing can so debilitate many people that they build walls between Solve It and Do It.

However, only by accepting the risk can you penetrate the walls and break down all the barriers to success.

Summing-up: Do It means embracing your full responsibility for results and remaining answerable for your progress toward those results, regardless of how or why you managed to get into your current situation.

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