Choose Your Season

The changing of the seasons is time for a pause, a look back and a look ahead.

Behind us, let’s leave the ideas of yesterday that didn’t work; the insults and criticisms that others launched, still clawing at us; the negative people who don’t believe in us and don’t join our vision; the regrets of yesterday that we continue to allow to rule over today.

Ahead of us, let’s grab onto the dream that we shoved into the drawer, but hold onto; the new idea that may prove to be the catalyst of our future; the untried, the experiment, the positive; the new friends who inspire us and push us out of our comfort zone; the wisdom of the past that whispers its undeniable truth; the happiness that trembles just beneath the surface, wanting to inspire.

Unlike the change of nature’s seasons, which happens despite us, we hold the power to choose the season of our mind. Obsolete ideas, bad habits, and negative thinking are fighting to take a permanent residence in our lives. Each of us is imbued with the power to welcome in new practices and new ideas.

Leadership requires the uncomfortable. It asks us to step up, take control, and choose what to let go of and what to grab onto. The choice is ours.

Summing-up: You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself. Let go of what will drag you down and grab hold of a secure future.

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