It’s Not About You

Repeat the words, ‘It’s not about me!’ every day, multiple times a day. Don’t make your leadership about being in charge, being right, getting promoted, or looking the best.

Make leadership about the cause of the organization, serving the legitimate needs of those you’re leading, and not taking yourself so darn seriously.

The day you become a leader, it becomes about them. Your job is to walk around with a can of water in one hand and a can of fertilizer in the other hand. Think of your team as seeds and try to build a garden. It’s about building these people. Only you will know the team.

That’s right. The minute you move from being a task-oriented professional to being a manager of people, it stops being about your individual talents, your successes, and starts being all about coaching, motivating, teaching, supporting, removing roadblocks, and finding resources for your employees.

Leadership is about celebrating their victories and rewarding them; helping them analyze when things don’t go to plan. Their successes become your successes. Their failures are yours too. Too many people today think leading is exclusively about their own performance.

One person, no matter how talented, cannot accomplish much in a managed organization of today’s complexity and global reach. Transforming through others is the job of the leader at any level. The day you become a leader, your job is to take people who are already great and make them unbelievable.

Summing-up: Leadership is not about you, it’s about the people who work for you.

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