The Persistence Principle

Being careful about what you start and then persisting with it, so it becomes a constant, not a ‘fad of the month’, is a powerful quality. Sometimes those who win are simply those who refuse to give up and are relentless about persisting.

Yes, we need to try new things fast, and some we will ditch as they prove to be unworkable. But, the ones we decide to stick with we really need to persist with in an ‘adaptive‘ way – adapting the idea if necessary, based on reasons for it not initially gaining traction.

Persistence does not necessarily mean repeating yourself. Trying lots of different approaches can win through. If the front door is barred, go around the back. If the way is blocked, get a ladder. Just keep at it from every conceivable angle. This is how hackers find the ‘back door’ into computers.

The wise persistent person learns at each attempt and uses that learning not only to vary their approach but also vary it intelligently. If one method does not work, it may only need a slight change to make it work next time.

Summing-up: Repeating yourself can be a bit of a sledgehammer, but it can also be a dripping tap that wears away the stone. If all else fails and your goal is important, try something else and just never give up.

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