Why Influence Wins

Inspiration sparks an emotional quickening. It uplifts, infuses us with hope, generates new ideas and gives us the sense of possibility and faith.

Influence exerts a specific, directive force to provoke change on a sometimes daily or consistent basis. Influence makes things happen.

Inspiration doesn’t have intent. We take our inspiration and do what we will with it. Influence, on the other hand, has a goal – an end game. You can be someone’s inspiration without knowing you are. Influencing others requires a conscious awareness of the influence actions from the influencer. Inspiration is passive. Influence is active and intentional.

Motivating requires giving someone a “motive,” usually self-interest or self-preservation along the lines. Motivation gets you going. Influence is what makes you go in a particular direction.

Influence is the primary ingredient needed to move others toward an objective. Influence happens best when it is intrinsic, as extrinsic motivation is fleeting. Money, perks, and extra time off are temporary and are not tied to the actual task at hand. Those motivated by them can quickly disassociate from the mission as soon as better money, perks and extra time is offered by a less noble cause or objective.

But…let someone understand the why and they will see the objective itself as vital. The great influencers think backwards, starting with the why. The what and the how merely support the why.

Summing-up: Don’t take the easy way out using only nebulous inspirational posters or temporary motivation tactics. Tap into your ability to TRULY influence others.

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