The Power of Potential Quotient

Everyone is familiar with IQ and what it measures, and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is a common term in personal development.

But now a new quotient is emerging: Potential Quotient or PQ. What hiring managers, academic admissions coordinators and bosses are really looking for is the answer to the following question: How much potential does the candidate for hire, admission, or promotion possess to rise up to the challenge to accomplish the needed goals and vision while also leading others in the endeavor?

PQ, is actually a desire by leaders to measure the potential of humans. The ultimate ability of a high PQ candidate is the potential to influence others. This potential quotient (PQ) separates the average from those who excel; those who can influence others to do the needed tasks and lead others to move toward a final vision.

This PQ is human potential. This is what every hiring manager, boss, and academic official is looking for. They may not know the concrete way to assess the potential quotient, but it is what they seek out in others, even if they approach this assessment unconsciously or intuitively.

There are seven key traits which need to be accurately measured to assess potential. These seven measures of PQ include a person’s Confidence, Commitment, Courage, Passion, Empowering,Trustworthiness and Likeability

Potential is quite dynamic. Each of the seven key traits can be assessed for that day, month, or year, and developed. It is scientifically possible to measure a large increase or even a decrease in potential by gaining insight into the seven aptitudes most needed for success. Different personality types might express the seven traits in a different manner but all seven are proven to be needed to possess a truly increasing level of potential.

Summing-up: The best leaders are those that identify and most develop their team members potential.

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