Meet Your Future Self

Why is it difficult to prepare for the future? Maybe for one reason: we conceive our future selves as strangers — as different people altogether.

For instance, looking ahead in time and feeling a sense of connection to one’s future self can impact long-term financial decision-making, converting a consumer into a saver. People who possess this continuity with their future self also accumulate more assets than others. They own their homes, have larger bank accounts and so forth.

Future-oriented connections can also be made along shorter timelines. One suggestion is to write a post-dated letter from your future self to your present self, summarizing your specific accomplishments in the future.

As a leader it’s acutely important for you to be able to bridge the present and future. You’re obliged to define the future not only for yourself but also for your team or organization. Odds are, though, the urgency of today — dealing with do-or-die demands in the here and now — can cause you to miss the opportunities of tomorrow.

Your success as a leader will depend in part by how you draw closer to your future self.

Summing-up: There’s no time like the present to meet your future self. Take the lead and get started on tomorrow, today.

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