Honing Your Intention

Intention is defined as “the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose.” For example, “I intend to meet with my team today.” It is a determination to feel, behave, or experience something in a certain way.

Intention sometimes is described as a stretching or bending of the mind toward some object or outcome. Intention is also described as a fixedness of attention, as in to focus or concentrate. It’s a sense of earnestness and impulse toward something. It’s also called an internal carrier wave.

Intention is an essential component of free will, your individual ability to decide what you want to experience. It’s a fundamental aspect of being human.

If we look at synonyms for Intention it’s easy to see how much we apply Intention in business. We have visions and purposes, we develop strategies and plans, and we set goals and objectives. They all mean something we aim to make true, something we pursue and intend to accomplish or attain.

Summing-up: Are you experiencing day by day the life, work, and relationships that you truly intend? If so, claim the win. Or, is your day-to-day reality failling short of what you truly want to experience in life, work, and relationships? Simply notice and know that you have the capability to develop and hone your powers of intention.

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