Do you have Customers Devoted to You?

Do you like Gatorade? Sure, maybe you like to drink Gatorade after a big workout, but do you like Gatorade much that you buy not only the drinks, but the chews and protein bars? Are you so devoted to the brand that you believe consuming it will make you perform better and improve your time in your next marathon? Do you feel so strongly about the brand that you are willing to continue using the product even if the prices go up?If so, you might be a “superconsumer.”

Such consumers are much more than fans of a product. They don’t just buy the product because they love how it tastes – they are so emotionally connected to the product that they buy a lot of it, all the time. They love talking about it, writing about it and encouraging others to use it. They are dependable consumers of the product, and keep coming back for more. Superconsumers – although only about 10% of consumers — can drive 30% to 70% of sales.

That’s important to consider when looking at how the number of products is making consumer loyalty even more challenging. While superconsumers can help companies continue to sell during in an increasingly competitive marketplace, these consumers also continue to provide benefits far beyond that.

Companies must ensure that they offer rewards to loyal superconsumers, since “stinginess as a growth strategy” never works in the long run. These superconsumers love being recognized for being such brand devotees, whether it’s always upgrading them at a hotel or charging no fees for extra bags when flying. They further like being tapped to help solve problems, or fixing “bugs” in current products.

A lot of companies think they know who these superconsumers are, but that’s often the biggest misconception. It’s not just someone who buys a lot of your product. If they don’t have the emotional connection, it may be an imposter. You think you have a relationship with them, but you don’t.

Summing-up: There are companies that cannot afford to treat consumers the same way. The stakes are much higher than ever before as fewer dollars for even more products,” Yoon says. “This has got to be a wakeup call to find your superconsumers. Once you have honed your superconsumer strategy, make sure your processes and tools support long-term growth and engagement.

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