Avoiding the Risk of Some Habituations

Habituation, the process of transforming the learning of new things into habits, is something that we naturally go through but is also something that, in an organisational context, could pose a risk to the ongoing improvement and development of things like customer experience. The reason being is that once we develop a habit or a way of doing things, it can stop us from noticing and then fixing the ‘invisible’ problems that are around us.

To avoid this, recognise that habituation could exists in your organisation and that it could be holding back many of your customer experience improvement efforts. Once you become aware of a problem, you should resist your instinct to automatically jump into ‘fix’ mode and take some time to better understand the problem by talking to customers and employees as well as gathering and interrogating internal, external, survey and market based data.

Use this increased understanding to imagine what a future, better, more engaging and more competitive service and experience proposition could look like. Why would you set about fixing something or building something new when you don’t have any real idea of what the end goal is, when you have arrived and how you are getting on on your journey if you have no idea where you are going?

Collaborate with your customers and teammates, especially the ones that engage with customers on a daily basis, to design potential solutions that will address the problem that you have identified and will move you towards your imagined future state.

Take the best of these potential solutions and work to create a series of pilots that you can implement and that will allow you to test, learn and identify which ones offer the best solution to the problem and which ones you should roll-out.

If you want to compete then you may need to slow down a little in order to go faster and further. Firms that are reactive, hard-charging and always fixing tend to have lower sales and profitability than those that took time to pause.

Summing-up: “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.” – Shakespeare

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