Move One Imperfect Step at a Time

Have you ever run into analysis paralysis? Maybe you’ve experienced the difficulty of making a decision or moving forward when it comes to a creative project. Or, maybe it had to do with a relationship or a potential career path. The problem with the information age is that most of us face a never-ending list of options – which means it can be difficult to ever settle on one path to best move forward.

Be wary of feelings. Often times we feel stuck because we don’t feel right about a decision or potential option. Feelings are not always bad and sometimes can be very helpful. However, don’t get stuck waiting for something to feel right, because often times it won’t feel right till after we take a step of faith.

Get trusted feedback. Since our feelings can sometimes betray us, we often need someone else’s feedback to help us move forward. Whether it’s having another like-minded author or artist give us their critical thinking on a creative project or a close confidante who can give us a fresh perspective on a relationship or career decision, feedback is critical and helpful. Now, a side note on this: You need to find someone who is in the arena to journey with you.

Take daring steps today. It is rare that someone moves from inaction into the perfect situation. A great relationship doesn’t just happen or fall into our laps. Great art is rarely made on the first try – it is a process. It often takes a series of imperfect steps that start to move us in the direction of discovering something amazing.

If you are a perfectionist, it can be hard to put yourself out there or take a big step if it doesn’t feel like everything has come together perfectly. But, a stagnant ship can’t be steered. We have to get moving. We have to “dare greatly” and think less about the critics and more about the journey of discovering something more by moving forward today.

Summing-up: Over-analysis paralysis is common today. But, it doesn’t have to stop us. Let’s encourage each other to dare greatly and move forward, one small, imperfect step at a time.

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