Good Execution of … Good Ideas

Execution is essential to the success of any idea or project. It’s the most visible part of launching a new program. Do it well and you’re a hero. Do it badly and there will be questions.

But, first of all, the idea or process or project that you are implementing has to be a good one. A bad idea, even if you implement it flawlessly, is still a bad idea. And a bad idea implemented poorly, well…that’s a disaster. All the good implementation in the world will not turn a bad idea into a good one.

The goal is always to come up with good ideas and implement them well. But that’s not as easy as it looks. At least if you have a good idea and it’s not implemented well, there might be an opportunity to recover.

Sometimes you can’t tell if an idea is good or not until it goes to market, but there are a few things you can do to get some initial feedback about the idea or plan:

  • Does it solve a problem? If so, what is the problem?
  • Is it easy to explain – without charts/graphs/PowerPoint?
  • How many other companies are offering the same thing?
  • Will people spend money for it? Enough to support the idea?

Once organizations have decided to start turning an idea into reality, they must spend dedicated time discussing execution:

  • WHEN will the process start? Are there milestones that must be accomplished?
  • WHO will be responsible?
  • WHERE will implementation take place?
  • HOW will the idea be implemented?
  • WHAT should we communicate? To whom? When?

Sometimes thinking about execution can expose vulnerabilities in the project. That’s a good thing. Some organizations today aren’t looking to launch products when they are perfect. They just need to be good enough. But the organization needs to be conscious that this is what they are doing. They are still striving to introduce a good product in the best way possible.

Summing-up: The competitive nature of business tends to create a race to be first to market. Organizations must decide if first is where they want to be. It is possible that perfectly executed second to market is a more desirable position.

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