Living With Ease

Living with ease doesn’t mean sleeping late every day, becoming a beach bum, or forgetting your responsibilities. Although these may be helpful short term practices to balance over-exertion.

In essence, living with ease requires a delicate balance that includes both relaxation and alertness. If you’re over-relaxed on a regular basis you’ll slump into sleepiness or inertia. If you’re too alert, you’ll feel wound up and ready to snap.

“When we are relaxed and happy, there is a gentle rhythm back and forth between the two branches of the nervous system, undulating between automatic charge and discharge, and between arousal and relaxation. This gentle rhythm gives us a sense of well-being and success in managing our lives.

Every individual varies in terms of the amount of stimulation he or she needs, wants, or can tolerate. The same goes for relaxation. Living with ease means finding your own sweet spot, which blends a good mix of serenity with a sense of being awake in the world.

Ease means simplicity and flow. It means not pushing, and instead allowing things to unfold on their own. Letting go of trying to fit everything neatly into a labeled boxed. It means being less driven by the outcome. It means being aware of how things feel, in each moment.

Summing-up: There will always be physical, environmental, and personal circumstances that touch off your stress response. But, you don’t have to be a victim to stress. You can learn how to interrupt the fight-or-flight response and cultivate the relaxation response instead. As you do so, you will gradually begin to live with greater ease.

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