Build Ensembles Everywhere

The most creative and productive work environments are when you have ensembles, and in particular, ensembles that are made up of people with different skills, different experiences, different temperaments, and varied points of view. If you build with the rich material that a diverse group brings together, together you are able to accomplish much more, and with greater creativity and collective wisdom.

Here’s another, perhaps unexpected way, that ensembles are so helpful: If you want to find out more about who you are and the impact you have on others, the groups you’re in are a great place to start. When we’re part of creating something bigger than ourselves, when we’re performing as an ensemble together, we’re no longer focused simply on ourselves. We can see things through others’ eyes. Everything we do — our words, our gestures, our participation — is received and responded to by others, and that social environment helps us discover (and further grow) who we are.

Summing-up: Great performances — even solo turns — don’t happen in a vacuum. Skilled performers both support and need the support of an ensemble when the curtain goes up. As a great performer-in-training, so do you! So spend a couple of days saying “we” every time you would normally say “I.” Notice how this changes what you say and how you say it. See how it impacts your colleagues.

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