What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

Non-negotiables are the things you will not negotiate on. They follow your values and principles and define not only what you will and won’t accept from others, but also what you will and won’t accept from yourself. They are the big-time deal breakers. They are the promises you keep to yourself, your family and your team.

They are unique to you and your situation, only you can determine what they are, and only you can manage them. They are there to guide you through hard times when decision making is difficult. With predetermined rules set in place your focus won’t waiver from what you truly believe.

When we know what standards we will not negotiate on, blurred lines become clear. We know what behaviors and habits we want to encourage, and which ones we will not tolerate. Non-negotiables are practical yet non-yielding building blocks that create a life of substance and strength. The key is that you cannot give them up. That’s why they are called non-negotiables. In other words, you can’t cheat on you.

Refuse to let anyone, or anything, repress your vivid energies…that means your opinions, your thoughts, your ideas, your values, your morals, your ideals. Let your own innate cycles dictate the upsurges and the downward cycles of your life, not other forces or persons outside yourself, nor negative complexes from within.

Establishing your set of non-negotiables can be a powerful and helpful tool at maintaining balance and achieving greater success in your life and in your business.

Summing-up: Non-negotiables define not only what we will and won’t accept from others, but also what we will and won’t accept from ourselves. They’re tied to our values and principles.


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