Space – The Final Frontier

Space is the unseen, undervalued currency in organisations. It’s something we pay lip service to – in our calendars, in the momentary pause between stimulus and our response, in the gap which gently urges us to fully feel the barbed emotions that we’d rather circumvent, but must experience if we ever want to learn anything meaningful.

Where can you create more space? What one step could you take to create more space in your leadership practice?

Space is critical to me and my family’s wellbeing. When we stop rushing around, we are all happier, calmer, more present and more focused.

Space is critical to enabling me to breathe, relax, let go of stress and anxiety and be mindful. When I create space in my life, I feel grounded, centred and connected to my inner wisdom.

Space increases my capacity to empathise, listen and connect with others. Space allows me to see things that I hadn’t seen before. I am able to see deeply different perspectives to my own. The world ‘as it is’, inspiration, ideas and a deeper vision are all able to come to the fore.

Space helps me realise where my energy would be best applied, such as in places that play to my strengths and in the gaps left by others. When I create space I am able to see how to best apply my leadership, that is where my vision and strengths combine.

Summing-up: We have to create the space we need. And that’s about listening more closely to our body and our needs, and getting those needs met. ‘Space’ and how we create it, is different for everyone.

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