You Should Have a Little Rebel Inside

To achieve something significant in the world, to have a meaningful influence, you need to be a rebel. A rebel knows how to challenge the status quo and make an impact.

A rebel has strong convictions. A leader who stands strong in their convictions creates an environment of certainty for everyone. When you are absolutely convinced that your decisions and principles are the best choice, you inspire others to follow you, and they in turn will absorb those beliefs and make them their own.

A rebel has inner confidence. To be a great leader requires confidence. Rebels demonstrate a strong sense of self-assurance, so people gravitate to them and anticipate that great things are in store. This high level of confidence comes from an inner passion to make meaningful things happen in a way that creates a real difference.

A rebel is a disruptor. A rebel never considers the status quo acceptable; they have an inner need to change things up. But they do it with a purpose: to make things better for others. They’re mindful that how they lead as very important as what they set out to do. When you lead by example, inspiring and influencing with your actions and words, others tend to trust them and admire you. Rebels disrupt people as well as things—they want people to know greatness lies within them.

Rebels are always planning and creating and thinking about what comes next. They’re gifted at connecting the dots between strategic priorities and peoples’ work, organizational problems and opportunities. They earn respect because they’re good at coming up with ideas and plans and equally adept at making things happen—not only for themselves but for the greater good.

Embrace new ideas, new methods and always question the assumptions which define your business model, your actions and, more importantly, your thoughts. Being a rebel is not about fighting the system, it is about challenging the status quo. A rebel leader always drives to be efficiently effective regardless of the actions and structures that must change to enable it.

Summing-up: Rebels are those who know the why’s of their life, so they can bear all the hows of their leadership.

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