You can’t manage people if you can’t manage yourself

Managing is like playing simultaneously with very different actors: people, stakeholders, providers, clients, end-users, budget, scope, limited resources, profit, … each one with different objectives, goals and needs. We have to balance different variables, analyze the context, see the big picture and take quick decissions, based in our past experience, data, intuition and general feeling.

When managing people, being organized is a must. If we want to lead people correctly and help them making a good work, first of all we must to have our different tasks completely under control. So, we have to manage ourselves: we have to have control over the number and end time of meetings, the interruptions, the email, the changing of priorities, …; we have to fight and defeit them, every day.

Only if we can manage our tasks and our time properly, will be capable of managing people, helping and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Summary: they are a lot of things to keep in mind when helping our people, things to have under control, … ourselves included.

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