The Quality of the Product is the Quality of the Team

Products all around the world are developed using different processes and methodologies. There are entire departements mainly focused on process improvements, trying to measure and enhance the quality of their products.

In software development, changing from waterfall (predictive) methodologies to agile (empirical) methodologies, can increase dramatically the success rate of the projects. But the best process and methodology ever created can’t ensure itself a high quality product.

There are no guarantees that using Agile methodologies assure us that we can build a great product. Great products can’t be built using a good process but by having on board skilled people.

Using a good quality process you can prevent poor quality or even achieve a certain level of quality. However, having a great skilled development team and product owners can improve in orders of magnitude the global quality of the product.

In creative works such as developing software, it is not just about the process, it is about the people.

Summing-up: Great teams make the difference: with the appropiate environment and resources, they can create, invent, generate insights, they can fight and defeat the odds that stand in their way to create high quality products.

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