The One Minute Manager: One Minute Reprimands

If a person has the skills to do something right and it is not done right, the manager will provide a one minute reprimand.

Many times manager wait till formal reviews or until they have a long list of things they want you to change before they will give you a reprimand. This is not the way it should be done. Reprimands need to to be given as often as necessary, immediately following the gaining of knowledge that one is necessary.

The reprimand also is focused on the action or behaviour, not the person, and the manager will express consternation that it is not up to the staff member’s usual high standards. After the reprimand, the manager reminds the person how much they are valued.

Why One Minute Reprimands work? Because they are the fairest form of feedback for correcting below-par performance. The golden rule is that we are changing behaviors, not the essence of a person. When we realize this and people understand our motives, they will be more likely to accept the reprimand and desire to change it.

We should remember that people decide to change behavior and are their own managers of their behavior. The only person that can truly correct behavior is the individual itself.

A One Minute Reprimand is for people who have the skills and talent to do better.

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