Business and Development Teams

Sometimes, it seems that the relationship between Business Units and  Software Development Teams is like two adversaries fighting one another on the battlefield of the requirements, costs and delivery times.

In that war, there are no winners inside the company. Instead, this is a massive waste of time and brain power.

When a new project starts, this is what should happen:

  1. The business managers approach the software team and describe the business problem they want to solve.
  2. They offer solution ideas and layout the timeline and budget constraints they face.
  3. The software team describes a few options with the benefits and drawbacks of each.
  4. Together, they work through business and technical priorities to arrive at a proposed implementation that’s expected to meet the time and budget constraints.

This is the point: the business managers and the technical people working together as a team to solve a business problem. When we are working, it must be clear that all of us are in the same boat and we have to row in the same direction; we have to push in the same direction, helping one another.

The workload, the schedule, the unforeseen events, … everything else is easy to solve, everything else is a question of priorities management.

The key is that everybody in the company, from stakeholders to sales dept, from finantial dept to administration and quality dept, and of course, from business teams to development teams, everybody has to work in a positive empowered atmosphere.

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