Building Trust

When doing business, it is essential to have solid, viable, fruitful and long-lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and workers. Each has different objectives and needs, but all these three relationships must be based on Trust.

Trust is a two-way street. We need to trust and be trusted by our boss, employees, co-workers, managers and business partners; the trust relationship that we build and keep internally and externally, can be synonymous with the success or the failure of the enterprise.

If trust is so important, what really is trust and how can we build trust?

Trust is …

  • a decision, a commitment, a pact and a bond that builds and connects.
  • shared values. Hard truth spoken gently. Keeping promises, even the unspoken promises.
  • both emotional and logical.
  • giving something now with an expectation that it will be repaid, possibly in some unspecified way at some unspecified time in the future.
  • enabling other people to take advantage of our vulnerabilities -but expecting that they will not do this.

We build Trust by being …

  • credible: promising only what we can actually do, and delivering on our promises on a timely manner.
  • respectful: showing respect for our employees and for our partners.
  • honest: always telling the truth.
  • transparent, authentic and willing to share our mistakes and faults.
  • consistent and persistent over time, staying true to our principles, so our behaviour can be predictable.
  • communicative: frequent communication and interaction for a better understanding.

“Trust is like the air we breathe. When it’s present, nobody really notices. But when it’s absent, everybody notices”, Warren Buffet.

Summing-up: We have to learn about trust, how it works and how to build it. If we do it well, other people will give us the earth. If we betray them, they will hunt us to the ends of the earth. It takes years to build trust, and a few seconds to destroy it. Trust is the way to long-lasting relationships.

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