Self-Organizing Teams

In agile development, teams are allowed to organize themselves the best way they want in order to achieve the given goals.

Self-organizing teams is possible when people carry shared purpose, principles and values; they support and respect each other; the agile team works together to respond to changes that happen together. This is where trust in the team starts.

It means that they collectively do what needs to be done to build the software and that they can create new approaches and adapt to meet new challenges in their environment.

Self-organizing teams are more responsible for end results, self-disciplined and self-driven, motivated, initiative, willing to act and enjoy work more. They spread knowledge around much better and make decisions together. That makes each team member more effective because they have much more background on the “why” of the coding assignments.

There’s a reason we use the term “self-organizing” rather than “self-organized” or “self-managed.” Self-organization does not mean letting people do whatever they want to do. It means that management commits to guiding the evolution of behaviors that emerge from the interaction instead of specifying in advance what effective behavior is.

Leaders do not have all the answers. Leaders influence teams in subtle and indirect ways. What they do have is the ability to agitate teams (and the organization itself) toward becoming more agile.

Summing-up: self-organizing teams are a good indicator of how mature is a development team with agile methodologies, continuous improvement and how involved is with the embedded quality of the system. Leaders must guide this evolution towards a more global effective environment.

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