Software Development: Stakeholders and Clients Satisfaction

Wherever there is a software development team working on creating or maintaining products, there are always someone (stakeholders and clients) who are investing in the development, expecting to obtain the greatest return on its investment.

For that, the development team starts to do what they do best, selecting the best tools, methodologies and practices (this is its responsibility), in order to achieve the objective of stakeholders and clients satisfaction.

Therefore, the first point is to know clearly about what this objective is and what these groups of interest are investing for. If the stakeholders or clients are accustomed to work with exhaustive documentation and deliverables in a specific format, the responsibility of the development team is to satisfy their needs the best they can.

Our goal is stakeholders and clients satisfaction.

A good software team knows how to develop quality software. If we have a very skilled and experienced development team who knows how to deal with different challenges, everything else is a question of priorities, timemoney… and trust.

Based on previous experiences with successful projects, the stakeholders and clients must trust in the way of doing things of the development team. The stakeholders and clients must to measure the work of the development team according to the return on investment provided by the sofware developed. The rest is the work of the software development team.

Summing-up: The main goal is to satisfy our stakeholders and clients maximizing its return on investment the best we can, using our knowledge and expertise of doing things. This is exactly what are we paid for.

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