The TAGRI Principle

TAGRI stands for “They Aren’t Gonna Read It“. It focuses on the fact that very little of the documentation which gets created during software development actually gets read by the actual target audience.

Recognizing this, we should create agile documentation which reflects the true needs of the audience for that documentation; the best way to do this is to work closely with the people we are writing the documentation for; when we do that we discover that they may need something completely different than what we originally thought.

One of the misconceptions about agile software development is that we don’t write documentation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Agilists write high-value, effective documentation, and yes, in practice that proves to be a lot less documentation than what traditionalists write.

For this purpose, we must treat documentation like any other requirement. It should be costed, prioritized, and treated like any other system requirement; we have to involve the target audience to know what someone wants from a document.

Any documentation that we do write should be just good enough for our current situation and it should be for critical information that we couldn’t capture using other means.

Summing-up : We have to keep in mind the value that the target audience will get from the documents we have to create.

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