Teams Need Diversity

On the surface, if may seem easier to work with people of similar styles, thinking and background, but diversity brings richness to a team.

Teams need to bring together a variety of skills, attitudes, and perspectives to see problems and pitfalls, to think of multiple ways to solve problems, and to implement the solutions. Teams need diversity.

The more diverse a team is, the more diverse the perspectives elicited are.

Diversity is the crucial element for group creativity. Innovation teams need tension to produce breakthroughs, and tension comes from diverse points of view. This is the opposite of groupthink, the creativity-killing phenomenon of too much agreement and too similar perspectives that often paralyzes otherwise great teams.

The creation process is questioned more when diverse opinions are expressed and, once again, this may result in a more argument-based process based on which specific decisions are made.

A diverse team can bring together individuals with different backgrounds, different approaches and different ways of thinking.

Summing-up: Diversity reduces resistance to new ideas and creates an atmosphere of openness toward alternative opinions. We should value, encourage and reward diversity. Diversity brings richness to a team.

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