The Software Industry and The Taylorism

The software industry has for a long time been dominated by industrial views and beliefs, by his routines and theories based in the Taylorist conviction that executable tasks, to be performed by workers, must be prepared, designed and planned by superior staff and must be overlooked by hierarchical supervisors during execution.

Studies and research have documented the serious flaws of this paradigm, putting the software industry in a serious crisis, a crisis that we tried to overcome by fortifying the industrial approach: more plans, more phases, more designs. More details were added to the tasks to better direct the workers. The supervision was increased. And still, little improved.

The software industry needs a different approach, a paradigm that thrives upon heuristics and creativity, and that restores the respect for the creative nature of the work and the intelligence of the ‘workers’ in the software industry.

This new worldview was formally named ‘Agile’ in 2001 and with each passing year this new approach is becoming more important because it drives building better software products, and faster, restoring energy and work pleasure for all involved.

Summing-up: Agile methodologies offer a positive alternative to the ancient control models that don’t work anymore. For software development teams, it is not a matter of choice but just a matter of time before they will find themselves working with agile methodologies.

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