Just Smile

Smiling is a powerful act.

A smile is central to our evolution and one of the most powerful tools of human behaviour. Putting on a happy face not only helps us make friends, it translates into altered brain chemistry that makes us feel better.

Smiling and laughter boost our well-being, reduce anxiety and stress, and enable us to cope with good and bad situations. The facial changes involved in smiling have direct effects on certain brain activities associated with happiness.

Even other people’s smiles actually suppress the control we usually have over our facial muscles, compelling us to smile because smiling is evolutionarily contagious and we have a subconscious innate drive to smile when we see one.

Smiling stimulates our brain’s reward mechanisms in a way that even chocolate, a well-regarded pleasure-inducer, cannot match.

Smiling also makes us look good in the eyes of others. Recent studies confirmed that when we smile we not only appear more likeable and courteous, but we’re actually perceived to be more competent.

We are part of a naturally smiling species and we can use our smiling powers to positively impact almost any social situation; smiling is really good for us.

Summing-up: So just do it. Start smiling and laughing more. By acting like we’re more optimistic and outgoing, we’ll be able to manage stress and become a happier person.

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