Why User Experience Matters

Every product intended for humans has a user, and every time a product is used, it delivers an experience.

For any kind of product or service, it’s the little things that count.

To gain market share against the first-movers, competitors often add more and more functionality in hopes of drawing in new customers. Having more features, however, turns out to be only a temporary source of competitive advantage: with the added complexity, products become increasingly unwieldy and hard to use.

The world’s most powerful functionality falters and fails if users can’t figure out how to make it work.

More and more businesses have now come to recognize that providing a quality user experience is an essential, sustainable competitive advantage. It is user experience that forms the customer’s impresion of a company’s offering; it is user experience that differentiates a company from its competitors.

With user experience, less is more; if we have to explain it, we’ve already failed. Features and functions always matter, but user experience has a far greater effect on customer loyalty.

Any user experience effort aims to improve efficiency by helping people work faster and helping them make fewer mistakes. Improving the efficiency of the tools we use improves the productivity of the business as a whole. Furthermore, people like their jobs when their tools are natural and easy to use, not frustrating and needlessly complex.

The biggest reason user experience should matter to us is that it matters to our users. If we don’t provide them with a positive experience, they won’t use our product.

Summing-up: For the users, we must set out to provide them with an experience that is cohesive, intuitive, and maybe even pleasurable, an experience in which everything works the way it should.

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