Happy Workers Are More Productive

If we want to get more done at work, the productivity gurus out there will tell us that it’s all about having the right system and the right process: you need to prioritize your tasks, you must keep detailed logs of how you spend your time, todo-lists are essential, you must learn to structure your calendar and much, much more.

But that’s not where we should start. We should start by liking what we do.


The single most efficient way to increase our productivity is to be happy at work. No system, tool or methodology in the world can beat the productivity boost we get from really, really enjoying our work.

Employee happiness matters more than we think. When we are happy in our workplace, we feel engaged, enabled and energized.

Inner work life has a profound impact on our creativity, productivity, commitment and collegiality. We are far more likely to have new ideas on days when we feel happier.

Workers’ well-being depends, in large part, on managers’ ability and willingness to facilitate workers’ accomplishments — by removing obstacles, providing help and acknowledging strong effort. Of all the events that engage people at work, the single most important — by far — is simply making progress in meaningful work.

Happy people work better with others, are more creative, fix problems instead of complaining about them, have more energy, are more optimistic, are way more motivated, get sick less often, learn faster, worry less about making mistakes – and consequently make fewer mistakes –, and make better decisions.
Summing-up: Happy employees are an investment. We should make our employees happiness a business priority.

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