It’s the 80 Percent that Counts

Think back to a memory – perhaps one in which someone helped you out when you were down on your luck or gave you a surprise compliment. What exactly were the words they said? Chances are that you don’t remember most of what you heard.

Now think about what you were feeling during that experience. What emotions flowed through you?

There may be a reason that you remember the emotions more than the words. It has been said that we remember 80% of the feelings in a conversation but only 20% of what was actually said. It doesn’t matter whether the conversation was uplifting or a downer, we seem to be wired to remember well what we felt.

This ability to remember emotions more than words may beg a question: how do you want to be remembered? Although your words are important, it’s how you say them (the emotion behind them) that will be recalled and make the biggest impact on others.

I believe you’ll want to remembered as a person who is able to see the positive in each person: You’ve learned that even those who exasperate you most, have something good about them. You were able to focus on stepping into their shoes and see things through their eyes. You may not have always liked the things they do, but you knew they deserved your esteem.

Treat everyone, no matter their role or position, with respect. If someone needed a moment of your time or some help you could deliver, they received it with grace, no matter their station in life.

Gave corrective feedback with kindness. The people on the receiving end walked out of your office with a smile on their face, even when their faults had been noticed and addressed because you said in the proper way.

Summing-up: Pay attention to how you communicate. It’s not just the words you say. It’s the 80 percent (emotions) people will think of when they remember that you were someone who treated them with equanimity, respect, encouragement and kindness.

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