A Thin Line

A thin line separates success from failure, the great companies from the ordinary ones. Below that line lies excuse making, blaming others, confusion and an attitude of helplessness, while above that line we find a sense of reality, ownership, commitment, solutions to problems and determined action.

People and organizations find themselves thinking and behaving Below The Line whenever they consciously or unconsciously avoid accountability for individual or collective results. Stuck in the victim cycle or the blame game, they begin to lose their spirit and resolve until, eventually, they feel completely powerless. Only by moving Above The Line and climbing the steps to accountability can they become powerful again.

Accountability, empowerment and employee engagement result from workers and teams who continually ask the accountability question: “What else can I do to operate Above The Line and achieve the desired results? When people do that, they learn the secret to getting better results, faster and more cost effectively. As the performance and expectation bar continues to rise, so does the effort it takes to clear the bar.

An attitude of accountability lies at the core of any effort to improve quality, satisfy customers, empower people, build teams, create new products, masximize effectiveness and get results.

Summing-up: Whether you confront your own self-diminishing attitudes in your small or big organization, you cannot expect to create a better future unless you begin to take the time and find the courage to get Above The Line.

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