The Steps To Accountability

Consider the following definition of accountability:

Accountability: a personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results.

This definition includes a mindset or attitude of continually asking, “What else can I do to rise above my circumstances and achieve the results I desire?” It involves a process of seeing it, owning it, solving it and doing it, and requires a level of ownership that includes making, keeping and answering for personal commitments. Such a perspective embraces both current and future efforts rather than reactive and historical explanations.

Therefore, the universally applicable Steps To Accountability are:

  1. See It
  2. Own It
  3. Solve It
  4. Do It

These steps weave the tapestry of every business success scenario, without exception. Armed with this definition of accountability, you can help yourself and others do everything possible to both overcome difficult circumstances and achieve desired results.

The following clues indicate accountable attitudes and behavior:

You invite candid feedback from everyone about your own performance. You never want anyone, including yourself, to hide the truth from you. You readily acknowledge reality, including all its problems and challenges.

You don’t waste time or energy on things you cannot control or influence. You always commit yourself 100 percent to what you are doing, and if your commitment begins to wane, you strive to rekindle it. You own your circumstances and your results, even when they seem less than desirable.

You delight in the daily opportunity to make things happen.

Summing-up: It takes time, effort, commitment and sometimes even emotional traume to get onto the Steps To Accountability, but, after experiencing life Above The Line, no individual or organization wants to return to the blame game.

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