Mustering the Courage to See It

Every company faces a critical point when it must change dramatically to rise to the next level of performance. If the company fails to see and seize that moment, it will start to decline. The key is courage.

Acknowledging reality and seeing things as they really are allows you to escape the feelings of powerlessness that accompany Below The Line behavior and rise above those circumstances by addressing what you can do to overcome challenges and obstacles. That usually requires getting feedback from others.

You can gain great insight from frequent, regular and ongoing feedback from other people. Although it can cause a great deal of pain and embarrassment at times, honest input helps create the accurate picture of reality that lies at the core of accountability.

Since no one individual can mandate a perfectly accurate description of reality, you must draw from many other people’s perceptions to imbue your reality with the deepest possible understanding of its many hues and shades.

Accountable people constantly seek feedback from a wide range of associates, be they friends, family, business partners, consultants or other advisers. Remember, other people’s perceptions of reality, whether you agree with them or not, always add important nuances to your own perception.

Summing-up: The more perspectives you obtain, the more easily you cana recognize when you’re stuck Below The Line, move Above The Line and then encourage other to do likewise.

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