Obtaining the Wisdom to Solve It

The third dimension of accountability is the ability to Solve It. Simply acknowledging reality and accepting your role in creating your circumstances will achieve little if you fail to tackle real problems and remove true obstacles on your road to results. To do so, you must exercise wisdom.

The wisdom to Solve It includes anticipating what could occur and preparing for the worst. When it does come, moving quickly to the Solve It step can make a huge difference.

The Solve It attitude and behavior stem from continually asking the question, “What else can I do?” By constantly and rigorously asking this question, you avoid slipping back into the victim cycle whenever certain events occur that would otherwise seem to block the road to results.

Since solutions to thorny problems often do not readily reveal themselves, you must diligently search for them. To do so, stay engaged in the process of finding solutions. Don’t focus on what can’t be done and, as a result, stop looking for and thinking about creative alternatives. Pay attention to everything that may relate to potential solutions. Always challenge current assumptions and beliefs to break throught to a new level of thinking.

Summing-up: The Solve It step requires that you assume full accountability for discovering solutions that will ultimately deliver desired results.

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