Preparation, Opportunity and Action

Preparation in anticipation of something happening is a big part of being lucky. If you are ready for something to happen, you know what to do the moment it shows up, right?

Similarly, we rarely know when something great is going to happen. But when it does, we can act. If opportunity doesn’t show up, we have potential, but when the opportunity presents itself, we have to be ready to act.

Action is what you get when you avail yourself to the opportunity and do something. Action is where you use all the actions and all the things that you have prepared, in anticipation of the chance. Together, preparation and opportunity, with action, yield luck.

Without action, all you have is a missed opportunity. Is action starting to sound a little more important? All the preparation in the world is useless if you fail to act. Having opportunities galore is useless if you fail to act. Taking action is that important.

The question for you to answer is what can you do to prepare? What do you need to know, what must you be able to do, and what will make it easier to get the job done? What can you do to help the opportunity find you?

Finally, what will it take to overcome your fears and take action? What holds you back? Fear of the unknown? Fear of success? Fear of failure? Fear of not getting what you truly desire? If you cannot name what holds you back, how can you ever tame it?

Take the time, find where you need to improve, and watch how your luck changes. Just remember to work on all three parts (preparation, opportunity, and action), and to refuse to look for excuses.

Summing-up: Action is the actual key to being lucky. As described before, the other two play their parts, but without action, you have bad luck, as what you wanted fails to come to fruition. That’s the breaks sometimes even when you do take action. But without action, it is guaranteed.

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