The Significance of a Long Time Perspective

The long time perspective is your perspective of time, specifically how far you look into the future when deciding on what you are or are not going to do in the present.

The longer the time span a person takes into consideration when planning and acting the more likely they are to achieve success. Simply put people who are willing to make sacrifices in the short-term are more likely to get better results in the long-term.

People with a long time perspective think about their choices in terms of what they mean in ten or twenty years in the future. They consider the long-term 5, 10 and 20 year implications before making decisions.

Your attitude towards your time horizon has a significant impact on your decisions and actions.

A long time perspective helps you set priorities, organise your time and activities. Your long time perspective will help you tell how important something is by considering its impact on your future. For example, you know that exercising each day is important as exercise has a significant impact of your long-term health. Using a long time perspective will help you make the most valuable use of your time.

Review your schedule for today asking yourself: What activities have I planned for today that will have the greatest impact on my future and my vision? Now schedule everything else around these critical few activities. Make these activities the most important for the day.

This simple practice will keep your priorities on track. It will help to make sure you are not sacrificing your future success on the altar of ineffective time management. Make time to create your ten or twenty year vision. Describe what will be your ideal life twenty years from today. Then working backwards from your vision to define a set of 10, 5 year and 1 year goals as a plan for your journey.

Summing-up: Always look at your daily tasks and activities in terms of their impact on your long-term future. Over time seek to do more things that have a greater impact on your long-term vision. You will be surprise the progress you make.

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