Celebrate your Freedom

Celebrate and live your freedom, and realize that with freedom comes a serious obligation. Because you are free to choose the direction of your life, you are also responsible for all that happens as a result. Take Responsibility For Your Actions. This is the essence of freedom. If you believe that you are free, then you must deal with the consequences of your own actions, whether they are good or bad.

Accept The Freedom Of Others. Remember, man is inherently free. That means ALL men, not just some.

Don’t Repeat Platitudes. Platitudes are generally used when someone needs a generic, meaningless response to something they don’t understand. But if you want to celebrate your freedom, don’t simply parrot the things that other people have said about some topic. Platitudes are designed to sound good, not to have substance. Find out for yourself what the answer is to a particular problem. Think for yourself about these issues.

Educate Yourself. If you really want to celebrate your freedom, you’ll educate yourself on topics relevant to it. And when you aren’t informed about a particular issue, it’s not just acceptable but ideal to simply say “I don’t know”.

Summing-up: Celebrate your freedom by choosing wisely. Celebrate your freedom to act by acting on your highest values and best intentions.

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