High Performance and Value Standards Pave the Way

Is your team’s work environment engaging and inspiring or dull and frustrating?

An engaging and inspiring environment is usually active and noisy. People are moving around, talking and working together to solve problems and deliver solutions. Team members are pleasant and happy.

A dull and frustrating environment is usually passive and quiet. Team members work independently, not cooperatively. Interactions between team members are often tense and short. Noise may come from unhappy people arguing.

Your work environment may fall somewhere between these two extremes. Do you pay attention to the your workplace culture? Leaders typically pay more attention to products and services than they do to their team (or department or company) culture. Yet culture drives everything that happens in the organization.

Culture by default isn’t a reliable way to craft workplace inspiration. Culture by design is. Great (and effective and inspiring) bosses are intentional about their team’s culture.

They set high standards of performance as well as high standards for values – team citizenship – to ensure a healthy workplace.

They specify desired performance expectations in observable, tangible, and measurable terms. With clear performance standards communicated and agreed to, great bosses are able to hold people accountable for those performance standards.

They also specify desired values standards – in the form of observable, tangible, and measurable behaviors. With clear values standards communicated and agreed to – and modeled by leaders – great bosses are able to hold people accountable for demonstrating those behaviors in every interaction.

Summing-up: Leaders must pay equal attention to performance and values. Both are required to create a productive, safe, and inspiring work environment for everyone.

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