Are You Living for the Weekend?

“I’m just living for the weekend.” Have you ever said these words?

But, what if we didn’t have to suffer through the majority of our days for short weekends and once-a-year vacations?”

Audit your weekly calendar. Get a sense of what happens during a “normal” week. Instead of dreaming of an ideal day, get a sense of what your average week looks like, so you can begin making adjustments towards a more ideal flow.

Identify the things which renew and refresh you. Look back over the last few months for moments where you felt engaged in the middle of regular everyday life. Some of our favorite moments aren’t expensive or elaborate. We need to pay attention to these moments where we felt alive and full.

Identify the days where you only have things which drain you. What is your “worst day?” Our goal is to schedule a fill-up during the drain so you can persevere.

Establish a habit or practice on the draining days. The goal is at least one moment which renews and refreshes you. By starting with the worst days, we can expand to each day included habits and practices which refresh us. We only get one weekend per week, but we can get moments of rest, renewal and refilling every day.

Taking time to replenish daily and refuel yourself will empower you to push through even the most difficult days and the longest seasons.

Summing-up: The best way to manage your life is your schedule. Committing to daily practices creates a more sustainable life. Also, calendar regular times of review to make sure you’re keeping these commitments.

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