Focus on Getting a Few Meaningful Things Right

Effective leadership requires a focus on doing a few things right. Trying to do too much is a recipe for failure.

How a leader spends time, money and resources reveals what matters to them, it reveals their focus or lack thereof. Effective focus requires that you understand the outcome you’re looking to achieve. So, a key leadership question then becomes, “can you describe the outcome you looking to achieve in clear, concise and simple language“? Without a clear understanding of your outcomes you will not lead effectively.

What’s your focus and is it clear? A leaders most precious commodity is their time and attention. Leader’s should focus on putting meaningful amounts of time into a few key things. The things that matter.

Wve got to always make sure we are looking at everything from the right perspective.

“What should I work on next?” The easy answer to the question of “what to work on next” is often not the smartest. We always gravitate toward doing what we want to work on and that’s usually not the same as what we should work on.

The key is to become your toughest and best critic. Learn how to identify where you has fallen short. You can’t improve and make progress until you identify — and acknowledge — where you’re weak. When you choose to take those weak points head on, you’re on your way to getting ahead.

Summing-up: Do you have the clarity of purpose and the discipline of execution required to ‘make you life a work of art? What are your key focus areas? How much time should you be spending on each? What should you stop doing? Discipline requires you discard that which does not fit!

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