Thinking Higher Than Tasks

Let’s face the truth, most of the times leaders are decidedly driven by the tasks in their world rather than driving them. To do lists and client needs and kid duties and paying bills are all necessities. But we have to fight against the inability of most humans to lead these activities versus being led by them.

Work/Life balance is not about time, but rather mindset. When we get in the right mindset for the appropriate task then we can manage ourselves and those around us much more consistently.

You can manage being present and productive at the same time. Managing your tasks require a system to manage the mind.

First, create start and stop times on your calendar. Block off time to finish the tasks that you don’t want to do.

Second, think one step higher about where you want to go. Does this task really need to be done by you, right now? What are you trying to accomplish, etc? Strategy is having a higher view so that you can see where you want to go, tactics are doing the things right in front of you.

Take the last 30 minutes of your day and celebrate what you accomplished. Make the list for tomorrow today, but also give a high five as you knocked out many things. Then ask yourself, “how did doing this help me or us?”

Summing-up: Don’t let tasks rob you of life. Instead, prioritize life over tasks. You can get things done without getting overwhelmed by those very things. It simply takes a system and some language. Practice being present and productive and watch your life go from accidental to intentional.

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