Weekly Review

A weekly review refers to the practice of setting aside a specific time each week to pause, reflect and plan for the week ahead. The weekly review is a deliberate weekly practice of taking a step back so you can get some perspective on your tasks, projects, goals and vision.

The weekly review keeps you focused on what’s important and helps you gain control over your time. It helps you stay focus on taking action every week towards the achievement of your most important goals.

Begin the weekly review process by reflecting on your activities, tasks and accomplishments from the past week. Make a list of all the things you did over the past week.

Learning is central to living a successful and significant life. The good news is you learn something new every day. However, unless you make time to reflect on your experience this learning gets lost in the rush of day-to-day pressures. To learn you need to slow down to consider the lessons life is teaching you. Make a list of the lessons you learnt from the past week. Review your lessons and ask yourself the question, “what are you going to do differently next week?”>

Plan to complete your important work early in the week. Aim to front load your week with your important work. Then, schedule your important work to be done early in the day.

Finally, make a list of the smaller tasks that you need to get done in the week ahead. To do this review your calendar for meetings, review your “to do” lists, your someday maybe list and your projects list for things you need to get done.

Summing-up: The weekly review is a time you set aside each week to restore your balance and ensure that your urgent work is not crowding out your important work. You’ll be amazed at how a weekly review will help you stay focused and prevent busyness from taking over your life.

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